We put your message in front of the right journalists.

Journalists are busy. They receive a lot of bad email story pitches that don’t apply to them. They press delete a lot.  But that doesn’t have to apply to you or your important message. If you are sending a traditional press release to a zillion journalists you can be certain of one thing: It is a hit or miss process. You don’t know who is reading your release and what action they might want to take on it. You’re working in the dark.

We have a thing for precision.

We build research-driven lists of journalists and bloggers to help you connect your message with the right publications, news sites, and writers.

We stay with you.

Once you’re contacted by a journalist or blogger who wants to do a story about you, we stay with you. We prep you for the interview by providing talking points and background on the journalist and publication. We help set up the interview, handle scheduling, provide a conference line, and record the interview if needed. We are with you every step of the way.