Don’t Be Deleted

Email is a primary means of getting your pitch in front of journalists, bloggers and podcasters. Unless you run into a journalist at a bar, or the blogger follows you on Twitter, or if you knew the podcast producer in high school, you will need to use email to send a press release, a media advisory to get their attention.

The top reasons emails to journalists are deleted include:

  • The journalist doesn’t write about the topic you’re suggesting
  • The journalist doesn’t work for the publication or outlet any longer
  • You spelled their name wrong or have typos in your pitch
  • Your pitch isn’t clear and doesn’t really express what you want

Typos can be cured by careful proofreading. Sending the wrong pitch to a journalist can only be fixed with a dynamic database. We subscribe to Meltwater, which is a service that updates their database continually. We also check all journalists we pitch to on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on their personal websites to keep our records up to date.  We are data nerds, and proud of it.

What’s better than being deleted? Being read of course, and the way to make that happen is by sending a targeted media advisory.