Will you promote anything?

No. We carefully choose our campaigns. We will not work on campaigns promoting guns, tobacco, or vaping. We favor campaigns for women’s rights, human rights, design thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, thinking in general, business innovation, books and reading, edtech, medtech and food tech, environmentally sustainable action, and freedom of religion. We donate 5% of revenue received from this program to the ACLU and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Who owns the media advisory Red Cup creates?

Your media advisory is yours to use over and over again. A polished pitch is worth a lot and our work product together is owned 100% by you.

Do you give out journalists’ emails?

No. We have professional relationships with the journalists we contact and want to be nice to them.

Do you follow up with journalists who say they are interested?

Yes. We pitch you intensively for 30 days as we work through our list, and we will follow up with any journalist queries for 30 days after that. Our work cycle together will be 60 days.

Would you run that past me again? What is the term of this business relationship?

Once we agree to work on your campaign we will send out emails to journalists for 30 days. We will send a maximum of 200 emails per day until we have run through the list of applicable contacts. We will follow up on any questions from journalists for 30 days after that – so it’s a 60-day cycle.

How does payment work?

Our 60 days of service have a base price of $500. We require a $250 deposit to begin our research. If you choose to work with us, we invoice you for the $250 balance, plus our fees on a per-placement basis as noted in our Pricing Page.

Do you give refunds?

If you look over our initial research and don’t like what you see, we will refund your $250 deposit promptly. Once we begin the campaign, however, there are no refunds.

If I want to keep going, will you renew the agreement?

Yes, if the strategy for your campaign merits it.  If we renew, we will invoice for a new $500 research fee.

If a journalist wants to interview me, will you work with me on what to say?

Yes. We will provide background details on interested journalists including links to articles they’ve written before. We will give you a sense of the questions they will be likely to ask.

How are the media advisories that you do different from a press release?

A press release is a link that lasts forever on the web. When you buy a press release, one of the things you’re buying is that link that lasts. A press release is sent to a large distribution list and not often to specific individuals. The way we send our media advisories is by sending to specific individuals in our dynamic database, grouping them by their interests and by what they have written about before.

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