Pricing Structure

After a  one-time $500 research fee, you only pay for the coverage you get with links placed online. To measure the value of coverage, we work on a tier system.

Measuring the Value of a Link

The more traffic a site gets, the more valuable it is for you, the more we charge for a placement there. We use Domain Authority to measure site popularity. This is a measure developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines.

Here is a sample listing of popular sites listed by their Domain Authority.

You pay only for links placed

Tier 1 – includes top-ranked sites like The New York Times with a Domain Authority of 80 or higher
Tier 2 – includes popular sites like Los Angeles Magazine or Money with a Domain Authority of 70-79
Tier 3 – includes sites like Smithsonian and BBC News with a Domain authority of 51-69
Tier 4 – includes sites like American Scientist with a Domain authority of 30-50

  • Tier 1 links are $750 each
  • Tier 2 links are $500 each
  • Tier 3 links are $300 each
  • Tier 4 links are $100 each

Start now.

That link takes you to a secure form. Tell us what you want to say, suggest some journalists you’d like to reach, and make a payment securely. Our 60 days of service have a base price of $500. We require a $250 deposit to begin our research. If you choose to work with us, we invoice you for the $250 balance, plus our fees on a per-placement basis.

Refunds? Yes, if you don’t like our initial research.

If you look over our initial research and don’t like what you see, we will refund your $250 deposit promptly. Once we begin the campaign, however, there are no refunds.