This is Better

In the world of media, deleted means defeated. Your message must be read in order to be effective.

Traditional PR agencies have used press releases since forever. They go out to masses of journalists, are not individualized, and you get little data from them. What you get is a link that lives online. That link provides information about your launch, startup, or company. It’s your little lifeboat in the vast sea of the internet. Does that worry you? It should.

Press releases are supposed to inspire a journalist or blogger to write an article about you, but they rarely work like that. They are placeholders.

Do you want to know what works? Personalized media advisories that speak to what the journalist or blogger really wants to cover.

We’ve been doing this for a while. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’ve recognized that writing vague press releases that are supposed to appeal to “everyone” actually don’t work all that well. They get you a link, and perhaps a little credibility, and that’s about it.  Nothing wrong with credibility, it’s the “little” part that we don’t like.

When you are going out for press coverage, you’re thinking big. You want to connect with as many people as you can over a compressed time period.

We write media advisories that are as specific as they can be. They appeal to the people who will find them relevant. They go to the right email inbox because we study what journalists write about, we learn what bloggers like to cover and discover what the relevant editors care about.

It’s the road to a winning promotion.